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Web-App Features in the Lincolnshire Echo

March 24, 2016


Today, the Lincolnshire Echo published a three-page feature on My Lincolnshire Collection, the web-app that I have been working on since starting at the Our Lincolnshire project back in January. Sadie, a reporter from the Echo, came to Our Lincolnshire headquarters last week to interview Professor Carenza Lewis and me for the piece.





Carenza told her, “It is perceived there is a lack of interest in heritage where historic artifacts are taken for granted by people in the community.


“We have so many amazing traditions but it comes with a sense of a lack of interest.




“The research is to explore different ways of raising awareness which in turn should increase interest and enthusiasm.


“The app is a quick and fun way of doing the same thing a survey would do.”


Prof Lewis added: “I think people will find it quite hard to select just a favourite 10 – we found it hard selecting 100.


“I think we will find people making their selection then having to think hard which one to drop in favourite of another artifact.


“It will also be interesting to see if there is a pattern in the favourites selected or if there is no interest in some items. It could be the way they are presented which sees people lose interest.


“All these items are publicly accessible so hopefully more people will go and see them and enjoy lunch or a visit to the shops while they are there, boosting the economy.”



Prof Lewis said: “Heritage is everything and there is no time on it – as soon as something is finished in the past and it is something for the future.


“The Bomber Command memorial is modern but it is heritage for the future.


“Heritage is everything around us, carefully created by someone to enhance our environment.


“We encourage as many people as possible to go and have a look.


“In the age of austerity and cut backs, assets should be protected for the future.”



If you haven’t already chosen your Top 10 favourite heritage objects in Lincolnshire are, go to My Lincolnshire Collection to do so!


Sections of this post have been reblogged from the Lincolnshire Echo website.









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